Mudbard (Jeroen Slagt)

Galdr out now!

My new single "Galdr" has been released! Check it out on your favorite streaming platform:

Many, many thanks go out to all the musicians who played along on these tracks. This release wouldn't have been possible without them!
"Galdr": Daniëlla Wolters (vocals), Martine Mussies (cello), Matthijs Spaltman (percussion), Melle Graff (backing vocals) and Arjan Brentjes (guitar, mastering).
"Hedningarna": Jan Szegda (vocals), Luuk Davidsz (guitar), Liza Slagt (backing vocals), Hangsvart (backing vocals), Esther Rozenboom (backing vocals), Akshat (flute) and Arjan Brentjes (mastering).

The music

I am a Dutch musician/composer/producer. A big part of my music comes directly from - or is inspired on - my dreams. I have written these down for years and have gathered hundreds of them. In fact, this is what got me back into making music. I had a dream with a song in it, and just had to to transfer it from the imaginary to the real world. This resulted in my first release Hedningarna.
My music a mix of different styles from all over the world. All with a cinematic feel to it.

Let's team up!

Recording is always done in collaboration with other musicians, so I'm always looking for people to collaborate with me. This can be anything: vocals, tagelharpa, violin, saz, bansuri, kamancheh, oud, duduk, dulcimer, lyre, etc.
Collaboration can range from recording vocal/instrumental parts to a full co-production. If interested, send me a message!

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