Mudbard (Jeroen Slagt)

First release out now!

My debut single "Hedningarna" has been released. You can find it at (among others) the following music streaming services:

The music

Most of my music comes directly from - or is inspired on - my dreams. I started writing these down a long time ago and have gathered hundreds of them over the years. Since a lot of these dreams contain music, I decided to transfer them from the imaginary to the real world. The results are predominantly in the styles of Nordic folk, dark folk, world music, ethnic fusion and industrial.

Let's team up!

I'm always looking for musicians to collaborate with me. This can be anything: vocals, tagelharpa, violin, cello, bansuri, kamancheh, oud, duduk, dulcimer, lyre, saz, etc.
Collaboration can range from recording vocal/instrumental parts to a full co-production. If interested, send me a message!

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